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Visa & Customs Detail

Individuals entitled to visa exemptions:


* Not more than 15 days: citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway,      Denmark, Finland, Brunei Darussalam and Cambodia (14 days)


Not more than 30 days: Bilateral visa exemption agreement

- Citizens of Thailand, Philippines (21 days), Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Laos (holding valid ordinary passports)

- Diplomatic and official passports holders from Myanmar; Iran (Diplomatic passport)

- Officials of the ASEAN secretariat holding different kinds of passports.


* Not more than 90 days: 

- Vietnamese residing overseas and foreigners who are husbands, wives and children of Vietnamese citizens or Vietnamese residing overseas are entitled to visa exemption, so long as they meet the following requirements:

+ Foreign-issued permanent residence certificate (PRC) with the validity of at least six months since the date of entrance.

+ Visa exemption paper (VEP) is granted by Vietnamese appropriate    authorities.

Those who expect to stay more than 90 days must apply for visa according to current stipulations before their entrance.

- Bilateral visa exemption agreement

Diplomatic and official passport holders from Argentine, Algeria, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, South Korean, Hungary, Iraq, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, South Africa, Russia, Romania, Japan, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, France (diplomatic passport), Czech Republic (diplomatic passport), Serbia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Singapore, Slovakia (diplomatic passport), Uruguay, Paraguay, Mozambique.


* No limit for temporarily residence:

+ Diplomatic and official passport holders from Albania, Afghanistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cuba, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Japan (holding valid diplomatic or official passports for the purpose of diplomatic or consular missions or  official Government tasks), Nicaragua, DPR of Korea, and China.

+ Valid ordinary passport hoders from China, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, DPR of Korea and Romania traveling on official missions.


Others who want to enter Vietnam must be provided with a visa

- Tourist visa is valid in 30 days.

- Visa is issued at the Vietnamese diplomatic offices or consulates in foreign countries. Visa is possibly issued at the border gates to those who have written invitations by a Vietnamese competent agencies or tourists in the tours organized by Vietnamese international travel companies.

- Application files for visa: the entrance application (printed form); two 4x6 cm photos; passport and fee for the visa issuance.


Visa extension: Served by all Tour Operators



Customs procedures in Vietnam are quick and simple. To enter and exit Vietnam, visitors are required to fulfill the entrance and exit procedures in the form (in Vietnamese or in English languages). Luggage of people on entry (including clothes, personal belongings with reasonable quantity in service of the trip’s purpose) must be declared in case as follow:

  • Luggage exceeds duty free concessions
  • Luggage sent before or after trips
  • Professional equipment temporarily imported and re – exported or vice versa;
  • Addictive medicines
  • Other medicines exceed 30 USD in value
  • Foreign currency exceeds 7,000 USD (seven thousand US dollars) or its equivalence other foreign currency, or over 15,000,000 VND (fifteen million Viet Nam Dong) in cash.

* Goods prohibited to export: weapons, ammunition, explosives, military technical equipment, antiques, drugs, toxic chemicals, wild animals, rare and precious animals and plants, documents related to the national security, etc. A quantity over 300g of gold must be declared and be permitted by the State Bank.

* Duty free concessions for the baggage of arriving passengers:

- For liquor: Liquor at 22º and above: 1.5 litres; Liquor below 22º: 2.0 litres; Alcoholic beverage: 3.0 litres.

- For cigarettes and cigars: - Cigarettes: 400 pieces; - Cigar: 100 pieces; - Tobacco: 500g

- For tea, coffee: - Tea: 5kg; Coffee: 3kg

- For Clothes, personal belongings: With reasonable quantity in service of the trip’s purpose

- Articles other than those mentioned at items above (outside the list of goods banned from import or subject to conditional import): Total value not exceeds 5,000,000 VND.

* Note:  Foreigners on entry carry luggage, which exceeds the duty-free quotas, presents and gifts with the total value not exceeding VND 1,000,000 (one million) shall be exempt from taxes. 

 Source: Vietnam National Administration of Tourism

 For more visa information please visit the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs: