Doctoral students in the field of Evolutionary Learning are invited to submit an application for the participation in the Doctoral Workshop to be held in conjunction with the SEAL 2012. During the Workshop, doctoral students will be invited to share their current dissertation work-in-progress with their peers and with an international panel of research mentors invited to take part in the Workshop.

The Workshop has the following objectives:

  • To provide a setting for mutual feedback on participants' current research, and guidance on future research directions;
  • To develop a supportive community of scholars and a spirit of collaborative research;
  • To contribute to the conference goals through interaction with other researchers and conference events.

Financial information
The Doctoral Workshop is free of charge (but if you attend SEAL 2012, you will have to paid the fee of the conference).

Criteria for selection
Participants for the Doctoral Workshop will be selected on the basis of their anticipated contribution to the workshop goals. Emphasis will be placed on forming a diverse group of high quality students. About ten applicants will be selected for participation and presenting their work at the workshop. Student participants typically have settled on thesis directions, usually with a research proposal accepted by their thesis committee or departmental research committee. Further details on workshop activities will be available on the web site at a later date.

How to apply
To apply as a student participant in the Doctoral Workshop, prepare a submission package consisting of the following:

Thesis Summary: Prepare a two-page thesis summary, which outlines the problem being addressed, the proposed work plan and a description of your progress to date. Include in your summary research problems you have encountered and would like to discuss at the workshop.

All submissions must be submitted electronically, as Word documents (preferably), or Adobe Acrobat .pdf files, (if they contain diagrams or other formatting information). All submissions should be emailed to

If you are unable to submit electronically, please contact SEAL 2012 Dr Quang Uy Nguyen by e-mail ( to make alternative arrangements for submission.


How to Submit
Submissions by email should include in the subject line: SEAL 2012 Doctoral Workshop submission. The initial part of the message should contain the full name, address, phone number and email address of the participant as well as name and contact details for the advisor. The thesis summary should be attached as separate documents.

Deadlines for SEAL 2012 Doctoral workshop submissions


Submission to doctoral workshop

15 October 2012

Notification of acceptance

25 October 2012

Doctoral workshop

18 December 2012

For additional information, contact Dr Quang Uy Nguyen by e-mail