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Thông tin cá nhân

Curriculum Vitae




Personal information


First name(s) / Surname(s)

Trang Dang Le Dinh



Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi















Desired employment / Occupational field




Work experience





September 2011 to now

Occupation or position held


Main activities and responsibilities

Teaching and student management

Name and address of employer

Department of Information systems – Faculty of IT – Le Quy Don technical university, 100 Hoang Quoc Viet  St. – CauGiay District – Hanoi - Vietnam

Type of business or sector



September 2010 to August 2011

Occupation or position held

Hardware Designer

Main activities and responsibilities

Idea development, hardware design (schematic, PCB, and assembly prototype), develop firmware and testing.

Name and address of employer

Laboratory of Electronics and. Technologies of Information – FPT software Research and Development Co. Ltd, FPT Building - Pham Hung St. - Cau Giay District – Hanoi - Vietnam

Type of business or sector




Education and training





2006 - 2011

Title of qualification awarded

Engineer in Control and Automation

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

-          Embedded system

-          Digital signal processing

-          Measurement methods and Instrumentation

-          Network and Industrial Information systems

-          Automatic control

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, VN

Level in national or international classification

Degree classification: Good



Personal skills and competences




Mother tongue(s)




Other language(s)








Technical skills and competences

-          Electronic circuit design (Schematic, PCB, Assembly, and testing). I am experienced in many projects. For example, RFID reader (125 kHz), uC education kits, wireless control ( over GMS, RF), Gas measurement multichannel, Bio measurement, …

-          Development the measurement and monitoring systems ( my graduation project is Wireless sensor network using Zigbee)

-          Design and fabrication the Instrumentation ( temperature, pressure, humidity, …)

-          Design control system ( DC motor control, electric furnace, …)



Computer skills and competences

-          OS: Windows, Ubuntu, Android

-          Programming languages: ASM, C, C++, VerilogHDL, VHDL, CShap, Java .

-          Programming on the chips as follows:

o    AT89C51,52 of Atmel (IDE: Keil C);

o    dsPIC33, PIC16, PIC18, PIC24 of Microchip ( IDE: Mplab C30, mikroC);

o    FPAA  AN221E04 of Anadigm (IDE: AnadigmDesigner);

o    FPGA Cylone2 of Altera (IDE: quastusII);

o    ARM  LPC23xx of NXP, LM3Sxxx of TI, AT91SAM7 of Atmel  (IDE: Keil C );

o    MSP430 of TI (IDE: CCS4);

-          Software: Altium Designer, Eclipse IDE, Multisim, Cdesign of synopsys, Matlab-simulink, Labview,  Microsoft Office, …





Additional information

Projects are that I joined

The Flow Rate Meter

This is my project subject

Wireless Sensor Network using Zigbee

My graduation project, I did all, from making devices to building the network. In this project, I made a system consists of 6 node (1 Coordinator, 1 Router, 4 End device), and I developed a simply Zigbee stack.

Electric Furnace Controller using  TRIAC

I build a small furnace (about 2500W) for the Lab of my department in HUST, Vietnam.

RFID 125KHz Reader

This project, I work in team of 3 people. I am hardware designer and firmware developer of RFID part.

Multichannel Gas Meter

I work in team of 6 people. I am leader and digital part designer.           

Bio Meter

I build a measurement device for demo the sensor that is researched by ITIMS of HUST, Vietnam

Wireless School Bell

Device design

LED matrix controller

Hardware design

DC motor control

Hardware and firmware design

GMS/GPRS Control System

Using GMS module of SIMCOM, I build a controller for module and communicator with PC.

Embedded Computer

CPU is ARM9 EP9302 of Cirrus Logic. I am PCB designer.

Professional Calculator

This is project of my Department. I design device, user interface design.



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