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Department of Mathematics

General Information: 
       Department of Mathematics is one of important components of Le Quy Don Technical University, a national key university. We take the charge of teaching all the mathematical subjects for the students of the university in order that they could well receive knowledge of other subjects at the university. Further, they should themselves study and research science in future.
We have the high quality professors and lectures with many years’ experience and good methods of teaching.
Our teaching workload concentrates on two first semesters, including subjects like: Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry, Culculus I & II.  Some subjects are delivered in the second year such as Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Computing Methods, Specialized Mathematics (including Complex Functions and Laplace Transformations) or later such as Theory of Optimization.
We also take responsibility for Mathematical subjects of Master Programs consisting of: Statistical Data Analysis, Optimization Methods. All students of college degree also have to study Mathematical subjects like Mathematical Analysis I&II, Computing Methods, Theory of Statistics and Math. Probability…

Department of  Mathematics is one of the first departments in Le Quy Don Technical University that  trains post graduate students. Up to now, thirteen students have successfully defended their theses on Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Bases for Computer Science. At the moment, we are supervising 4 post graduate students. Besides, we have also supervised successfully many Master theses.

Training objects:
- College Students
- University Regular Students
- In-service students
- Graduate Students

- Post Graduate Students

Subjects in responsibility:

- Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry

- Complex function and transforms

- Calculus I

- Theory of Optimization

- Calculus II

- Numerical Computing Methods

- Probability and Mathematical Statistic

- Computing Methods

- Statistical Data Analysis

- Mathematical Modeling

- Functional Analysis

- Discrete Mathematics

Training results:

  1. Supervised: 13 post graduate students, 11 graduated ;  18 graduate students
  2. Make up Course Details: System of Programs for The Credit Training, Project No 63, and Advanced

Complete Examination Banks for all subjects and their updeted versions.

Research interest:
- Mathematical Analysis
- Applied Mathematics (containing probability and statistics)
- Theory of Optimization
- Differential Equations

- Random Process

Material Published
- Textbooks:
i. Nguyen Xuan Vien / Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry / Le Quy Don Technical University Pub. House/ Hanoi / 1996
ii. Nguyen Xuan Vien / Theory of probability / Le Quy Don Technical University Pub. House / Hanoi / 1998.
iii.  Pham Ngoc Phuc, Đao Ba Duong / Mathematical Analysis Problems / Vol II /  Le Quy Don Technical University Pub. House / Hanoi / 2000.
iv. To Van Ban. Exercises of  Probability and Mathematical Statistic in Mil. / / Le Quy Don Technical University Pub. House / Hanoi / 2003.
v. To Van Ban / Regression Models / / Le Quy Don Technical University Pub. House / Hanoi /  2004
vi)  Nguyen Xuan Vien / Mathematical Analysis Problems /  Le Quy Don Technical University Pub. House / Hanoi /  2005.
vii. To Van Ban / Selected Exercises of Analysis / People’s Army Publishing House /  Hanoi / 2005.
viii. To Van Ban / Analysis – Advanced Exercises / Vietnam Education Publishing House / 2005.
ix. Nguyen Xuan Vien, Nguyen Hoai Anh, Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha /  Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry: Problems / People’s Army Publishing House /  Hanoi / 2010.
x. To Van Ban / Probability and Mathematical statistic / Vietnam Education Publishing House / Hanoi / 2010.
xi. Nguyen Trong Toan / Numerical Computing Methods /  People’s Army Publishing House /  Hanoi / 2011.
xi. To Van Ban, Calculus I, Vietnam Education Publishing House, Hanoi, 2012.
xii. To Van Ban, Calculus II, Vietnam Education Publishing House, Hanoi, 2012.
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Improving the quality of matematics teaching at universities in the militery


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