Postgraduate Studies

In 2000, faculty started to provide the postgraduate program in Informatics . Since 2005, two specializations, which are computer science (branch number: 60.48.01 ) and Information Systems (branch number: 60.48.05), have began to be trained instead of Informatics. Currently, postgraduate training is organized according to variety of types and in-depth direction to raise the quality of education and meet the needs of society. To set the basis for further research, postgraduate students are allowed choose the type of postgraduate research with the goal of helping students to learn scientific research methods and to have published works.
Every year, postgraduate intake is about 150-200 postgraduate students including both Masters by Courseworks and by Research (no more than 10%).
Currently, faculty implementes post-graduate training in various forms and levels as below :
Masters level:
- Two branches : Computer Science ( ) and Information Systems ( ) with many in-depth directions to improve the quality of education and meet the needs of society. Students can select an option of doing in “by research” mode.
- Training at two campuses based on Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City .
- Time for Enrollment: 02 times / year in May and November .
- In addition, FIT in collaboration with University of Vinh organize IT post-graduate classes at the University of Vinh.
-These defence is held 4 times/year to help students actively in the learning plan.
PhD level:
We provides two PhD programs:
- Applied Mathematics ( ) .
- Fundamentals of Mathematics for Informatics ( ), this branch allowed by the Ministry of Education and Training under the 911 scheme for domestic PhD students.