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Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) is one of major faculities of Le Quy Don Technical University, a public university in Vietnam.
FIT is implementing the following tasks:
- Providing basic courses in the fields of mathematics (Calculus , Linear Algebra and Calculus Geometry, Probability Statistics and Mathematics Subjects) and Computing (Introductory computing, Basic Programming) for all students of Le Quy Don Technical University.
- Training undergraduates with majors in Computer Science , Information Systems , Software Engineering , Communication and Computer Networks
- Training postgraduates with two majors in Computer Science and Information Systems
- Training PhD students  with two majors in Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Basis for Informatics.
The training programs of FIT are regularly updated to keep up with the development of information technology in the world and with social demands. Currently, FIT is building training programs following the advanced programes and managing, organizing training upto the international quality standards (AUN).
For upcoming time, FIT sets a goal of building the faculty to follow the model of research-orientation, strengthening the integration between training and scientific research. Currently, FIT is implementing some programs to form research groups, increase the scale of post-graduate training and give support to staff, lecturers and PhD students to participate in regional and international scientific conferences; to strengthen co-operation in training and research with universities and research institutes in the world.
Currently, FIT has 5 departments (Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Information Systems, Department of Software Engineering and Department of Network Security ), Center for Computer and Division of Training Management.
Address: 236 Hoang Quoc Viet - Hanoi
Telephone: (084) 04-37553119


 Management board

  Name Position Responsisbility
1 Associate Professor BUI Thu Lam, PhD Dean Overall management of the faculty actitities
In charge of Staffing
2 Associate Professor NGO Thanh Long, PhD Vice-Dean Research
3 Dr. TONG Minh Duc, PhD Vice-Dean Management of Resources