Title: Fuzzy Genetics-Based Machine Learning

Hisao Ishibuchi

Professor, Osaka Prefecture University,



Abstract: In this talk, we discuss the use of genetics-based machine learning (GBML) for single-objective and multi-objective fuzzy rule-based classifiers design. We start with a short historical review on some basic concepts related to fuzzy rule-based classifiers such as fuzzy sets, linguistic values, fuzzy rules and fuzzy rule-based systems. Next we explain accuracy improvement and complexity reduction in fuzzy rule-based classifier design. We illustrate the existence of a tradeoff relation between these two goals. That is, we show that accuracy maximization and complexity minimization are conflicting with each other. Then we explain a basic two-objective formulation of fuzzy rule-based classifier design. One objective is accuracy maximization and the other is complexity minimization. Single-objective and multiobjective GBML approaches are explained. Single-objective approaches try to search for a single fuzzy rule-based classifier with the best complexity-accuracy tradeoff while multi-objective approaches try to search for a number of non-dominated classifiers with different tradeoffs. Finally we explain current hot topics in the field of fuzzy genetics-based machine learning such as interpretability definition, many-objective formulation, and parallel distributed implementation.


Biography: Prof. Hisao Ishibuchi received the BS and MS degrees from Kyoto University in 1985 and 1987, respectively. He received the Ph. D. degree from Osaka Prefecture University in 1992. Since 1987, he has been with Osaka Prefecture University as a research associate (1987-1993), an assistant professor (1993), an associate professor (1994-1999) and a full professor since 1999. His research interests include evolutionary multiobjective optimization, multiobjective memetic algorithms, fuzzy genetics-based machine learning, fuzzy rule-based classification and evolutionary games. He received a Best Paper Award from GECCO 2004, HIS-NCEI 2006, FUZZ-IEEE 2009, WAC 2010, SCIS & ISIS 2010 and FUZZ-IEEE 2011. He also received a 2007 JSPS Prize from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He is the IEEE CIS Vice-President for Technical Activities (2010-2011 & 2012-2013), the Program Chair of IEEE CEC 2010, a Program Co-Chair of FUZZ-IEEE 2011, the General Chair of ICMLA 2011, a Technical Co-Chair of FUZZ-IEEE 2012, SEAL 2012 and IEEE CEC 2013, and a Program Co-Chair of FUZZ-IEEE 2013 and IEEE CEC 2014. He is also an associate editor of IEEE T-SMC Part B (2002-), IEEE TFS (2004-), IEEE CI Magazine (2005-) and IEEE TEC (2007-). According to Google Scholar, the total number of citations of his papers is more than 11,000 and his h-index is 47 (as of August 24, 2012).