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Ngô Thành Long
Thông tin cá nhân
Họ và tên : Ngô Thành Long
Đơn vị : Bộ môn Hệ thống thông tin
Chức vụ : Chủ nhiệm khoa
Học hàm : PGS
Học vị : TS
Email : ngotlong@gmail.com
Mô tả


Dr. Ngo Thanh Long received his B.S. (1999) and M.S. degrees (2003) in Information Technology, PhD degree in Mathematics for Computer and Computational Systems (2010) by the research on type-2 fuzzy logic based on computational geometry from LQDTU.


He is an Associate Professor at Department of Information Systems, LQDTU since 2009, after having contribution for 10 years as a researcher, software development atCenter of Simulation Technology, LQDTU.

Research interests 

His research interests are mainly theory and practice of intelligent systems, including type-2 fuzzy logic for image processing, robotics, GIS. Especially, he contributed in geometric computation for type-2 fuzzy logic systems, fuzzy clustering, fuzzy interpolation and hybrid systems. Also, he works on simulation and virtual reality, development of applications based on 3D technology.



Professional Activities

- Editoral Board, Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics (JACIII).

- General co-chair:

   5th International Conference of Soft Computing and Pattern Recognition, SoCPaR 2013.

    3rd World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies, WICT 2013

- Member of Technical Committee on Soft Computing, IEEE SMC Society.

- Tutorial talk at International Symposium on Management Engineering 2012, KytaKyushu, Japan.

- Organizer: Special session on Fuzzy Set Approaches to Geosciences @ FUZZ IEEE 2017 (SS27)

- Reviewer/Program Committee of International Conferences/journals:

+ IEEE-SMC 2012, ICCCI 2012, SEAL 2012, ICCASA 2012, ISAE 2013,ASPIRE 2012.

+ ICIST 2013: International Conference on Information Science and Technology, Yangshou, China

+ KSE 14 (Hanoi), ICSDA 14(Hanoi), WICT14(Malaysia), SoCPaR14(Tuynisia), NaBIC14 (USA), ISDA14(Japan), CASoN14 (USA), FAIR14 (Vietnam)

+ KES.IDT 15 (Italy), IEEE Fuzz 2015 (Istanbul, Turkey), IEEE SMC 2015(Hongkong), MTA15(India), KSE15 (Vietnam),  NISC15 (Vietnam), SoCPaR15(Japan), NaBIC15(South Africa), WICT15(Dubai), ATC'15 (Vietnam).

+2016: WCCI 2016 (IEEE Fuzz-Canada), KSE16(Vietnam).

+ 2017: IEEE-FUZZ 2017(Italy), KSE 2017, EIS 2017.

+ 2018: IEEE-FUZZ 2018 (Brasil), SoICT 2018.

+ IEEE Transaction on Fuzzy Systems (SCI),

+ (Springer) International Journal on Fuzzy Systems (SCIE),

+ (Elsevier) Computers and Geosciences (SCI)

+ (Elsevier) Information Sciences (SCI)

+ (Elsevier) Knowledge-Based Systems (SCI)

(Springer) Vietnam Journal on Computer Science

+ IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SCI)

+ (World Scientific)  Int. J. of Uncertainty, Fuzziness & Knowledge-Based Systems (SCIE)

+ (Elsevier) Applied Mathermatical Model  (SCIE)

+ (Elsevier) ISA Transaction (SCI)

+ Jounal of Computer Science and Cybernetics (Vietnam)

 PhD Students:

- Dinh Dzung Nguyen: Hybrid Data Clustering based on Type-2 Fuzzy Sets.

- Minh Ngoc Vu: Type-2 Fuzzy Logic for forecasting models.

- Trong Hop Nguyen: Collaboration Fuzzy Clustering using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets

- Quoc Hung Truong: Granular Fuzzy Computing and Clustering.

- Pham Duc Nha: fuzzy co-clustering and applications

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